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Made in Europe

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Turn off Ads

It's your choice, do you want them ON or OFF?

Turn off data collection

When Ads are OFF, it means data collection is also OFF.

Free account

Start with a free account.
Log in and have a look.

Paid account

It cost 1.99€/month to turn off ads and data collection.
(Get it for half the price if you know the tricks.)

Would you turn on this option?

If you chose the Free account, you can try something new.

At time you like. Watch all the ads in one go, for a total of 60 seconds. After that there are no more ads for 24 hours.

You're important

When other networks seems to care most about pushing maximum amount of ads in your face, we care about you. We give you choice.

No sellout

There is no plan to sell this company, and absolutely not to American or Chinese companies. The "grow fast to sell method" will only take us back to square one in Europe.

No foreign monopoly

A foreign monopoly cannot be allowed in Europe. The current trend must be reversed. A foreign monopoly is a long term threat to our way of life.

Blocking manipulators

Albin Apps have a strategy to block political and commercial manipulation.

Try it!

You're probably the first among your friends. Someone always needs to find it first! This time it is you. Go and look inside. If you like it, tell your friends to join Albin.