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Code of conduct

Updated 2018-10-05

By accessing or using the Service, you agree to the Terms of service and this code of conduct.

We want to allow as much as possible and we want to spend as little time a possible moderating.

Everyone have a different version of common sense, so we included a lot in a long list. Make a comment if you want, and tag it #conduct

Not allowed

Please do not post, link or otherwise make available on, or through, the Service any of the following:

  • Automated posts. Any sort of bots are forbidden, unless you have written permission by Albin and follow the bot policy. No automatic account creation, no automatic information collection. No automatic posting of content.

We estimate that about two in a million bots are truly useful. We may allow some of those after careful consideration. Generally speaking Albin is a social network for humans. Good and useful bots are cool, but one have to look really hard on the internet to find one of those.

  • Impersonation. You can use a pseudonym if you like, but you are not allowed to misrepresent another person, organization or company. You can not claim to be a celebrity for example, unless you truly are that celebrity. Another example of forbidden behavior would be to create a newspaper account, unless you truly represent that news company. If you actually are a celebrity or a newspaper company, we offer proper verification of your account. Humor accounts should be extremely clearly marked as such.

  • Personal information of others. You are not allowed to disclose sensitive personal information of others. For example home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and so on.

  • Copyrighted content of others. Content that may infringe or violate any patent, trademark, copyright or similar right of any party.

  • Propaganda. Unless, no, no propaganda. What about historical propaganda for educational purposes and because of interesting art? Well, that’s not propaganda now, is it?

  • Hate Speech. There is a difference between hating the weather and going to jail for hate speech.

  • SPAM. Bulk unsolicited spam messages are not allowed. If you eat spam and post photos of it to all your followers, well, that’s allowed. We’re not stopping anyone from sharing a tasty tin of spam, unless you’re advertising it.

  • Advertising. Any advertising must go through us and be paid for. That’s how the site and app can be free for those who want it to be free. If there are any “influencers” out there who live from exposing products in their daily influencing, we guess that’s okay, but it might be a legal requirement that you inform about that. If you’re an enormous “influencing” business that want to do such marketing, it should again go through us. We have a number of ad spots that are abnormally cheap, they are reserved for suffering artists, and also for artists that not suffer we suppose. No need to label anyone suffering artist, the ads spots are available for both established and aspiring artists.

  • Sexual depictions of minors. No images, artistic content, video or language that depicts minors in a sexual way. By minors we mean people under 18 years old. Also no nudity, even if it’s not sexual, of people under 18 years old. That includes parents sharing nude baby photos.

  • Sexual depictions of adults. Do not post it publicly.

  • Code. Do not distribute material that is or enables malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious code.

  • Any illegal or fraudulent content.

  • Self injury. No suicide stuff, eating disorders and similar.

  • Bad or shady stuff. Just in case we forgot anything, we do reserve the right to remove anything at any time. So if you make a bad joke, our moderators can remove it, ha-ha-ha 😉 but they wouldn’t do that because they follow the Terms of service and this code of conduct. We don’t care what you post or do as long a other people are not negatively affected and as long as we are not negatively affected, and as long as you follow the Terms of course.

  • Objectionable content. Our Android app is available on Google Play and therefore you must not post, link to or otherwise make available any objectionally or restricted content, as defined by Google. Headings include: Child endangerment, sexually explicit content, hate speech, violence, sensitive events, bullying and harassment, dangerous products, binary option trading, crypto currency mining, gambling, gambling ads, daily fantasy sports apps and illegal activities.

Restricted creatures

You are not allowed to unleash any rowdy specimens of the following.

  • Bots. Written permission needed. If your bot is generally annoying or useless, don’t apply.

  • Trolls. Professional organized trolls are not allowed. Unorganized, harmless and sophisticated hobby trolling is allowed, subject to our moderators judgment.

  • Haters. Being a normal hater is allowed. For example you can say that you hate this shitty Albin app, but you use it because it’s still better than anything else out there. That’s allowed. We hate to tell you, it’s not going to improve unless we earn some money by selling memberships. A very thin line exists that shall not be crossed. Never cross into bullying, defined hate speech or harassment. Also don’t organize a group of professional haters.

  • Puppets. Professional organized puppets are not allowed. Particularly not those who manipulate public opinion, spread propaganda or specialize in commercial manipulation. Managing a single or a few accounts for someone else, for example politicians or celebrities, is allowed.