Problems and solutions

From our point of view there are some issues with existing social apps. We believe that a small European company is part of the solution.

Waaay to long list! Just read this:

The problem is that a big foreign monopoly is almost here. The solution is a small European company making social apps. Done.

Ad problems

  • Ads everywhere.
  • Hey, I NEVER pay anything.
  • Can I get it cheaper?
  • Ads are in my face and too distracting.
  • Tell me more
  • That's a long time. 60 seconds, seriously?

Ad solutions

  • I choose ADS OFF, but pay 1.99€/month.
  • You can use it for FREE, with ADS ON.
  • Half price for students and people who know the tricks.
  • Albin has different ways to look at ads. Less distracting ways.
  • Binge watch for 60 seconds at a time of your choise, earn 24 hours ad free app usage.
  • I choose traditional ads, you can make settings and find what you prefer.

Data problems

  • Data mining, Data collection. Potential abuse of my data.
  • Some random guy in another country bought my data.
  • The guys who sold my data is not listening, they are laughing too loud on the way to the bank.

Data solutions

  • Ads OFF = data collection OFF.
  • I just use a European company with different mindset on data.
  • Let the EU do a privacy audit. They have your back.

Freedom problems

  • Warning, a foreign monopoly is almost here
  • Potential political manipulation
  • The algorithm decide what you must see.

Freedom solutions

  • I'm on a new social network.
  • Albin has a strict policy on political ads.
  • I decide what to see.

Manipulation problems

  • Bots are doing bad stuff.
  • Commercial puppets.
  • There is an algorithm in a foreign country that decide what news and what friend posts I will see.

Manipulation solutions

  • Better way to verify humans combined with strict bot policy..
  • Verification makes it more difficult for them too.
  • No algorithm

Troll problems

  • I can't tell who is a Russian troll and who is from another country posing as a Russian troll.
  • Also I believe that there might be British trolls posing as other British trolls posing as politicians, but I'm not sure any more. It could be people in another country? I just flip a coin every time I vote nowadays.
  • No one can fight the trolls, it's a lose-lose situation.

Troll solutions

  • Verification of location, but preservation of public anonymity solves part of that problem. It makes it a lot harder to do commercial trolling on a large scale.
  • Verification of location.
  • Only a strong troll can fight a troll. Norwegian trolls fight anything. Norway is not in EU, but the trolls are. They help us. /j (j=joke, usually bad)

Usability problem

  • That algorithm is showing me stuff I don't want to see. It's supposed to show relevant content. Where are the settings?
  • Posts are in mixed commercial order.
  • It's like the whole system is made for ad-buying companies.

Usability solutions

  • Albin don't have an algorithm, but if we make one, you decide on the settings.
  • Chronological posts.
  • Albin priorities you first, companies second

FOSS problems

  • Non commercial open source apps have low quality. (everyone in the whole world has always agreed on that /s)
  • I think all companies are very very bad. Go no commercial.
  • Linux is soon overtaking Microsoft Windows in popularity. The same will happen with social apps.

FOSS solutions

  • Open source with a business model is the solution. When money flows in, people have full time jobs improving the apps.
  • I choose a company with good values over a company with values I don't agree with. Non-commercial social apps cannot compete with commercial apps in popularity and quality.
  • Non-commercial FOSS have not been able to compete with commercial apps in the type of quality that leads to popularity. All good FOSS projects, have companies backing them.

Cheating problems

  • I use AD blockers. Ha!
  • No one can stop me from anything, I'm on the internet with VPN.
  • I trained myself to not look at the ads.

Cheating solutions

  • When too many people start using them, the free system fails. At that time they will be stopped, and you will see ads. Better to create a balanced system.
  • Some countries have begun to block that. As a European, remember to vote every time you have a chance.
  • Everyone does this, that's why the ads are getting more annoying and interrupting.

Network effect problems

  • I'm on Instagram, I have never been on Facebook. These are not problems related to me.
  • All my friends are on big social, except five.
  • I cannot delete the big social apps.

Network effect solutions

  • Instagram is owned by Facebook and they are adding more ads now.
  • I use Albin with the few and big social with the many.
  • Keep them and add Albin. For a long time, you have to use both. One day when more of your friends are on Albin, you can delete the old ones

Our competition

  • Absolutely gigantic. Almost megacorp size.
  • Seemingly on the side of the ad buying companies.
  • American and Chinese
  • Good quality apps

Albin Apps

  • Small
  • On your side
  • European
  • Shitty apps, but better a shitty app that can be improved than a foreign monopoly.